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Snibbs: Footwear Designed for Long Days on Your Feet

by Aoife O'Riordan

Apr 29, 2022

© Snibbs

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Exploring cities, shopping laneways and waiting in lines can take a toll on not only our feet but also on our backs, posture and overall happiness. Wearing the right shoes when traveling or simply spending a day at home on our feet is crucial to keeping ourselves healthy and comfortable. Snibbs footwear allows wearers to focus on the important things in life and spend less time worrying or fretting about feet.



© Snibbs


Founded by Los Angeles-based chef Danuel Shemtob, Snibbs came into being after Shemtob noticed his own shoes suffering massive wear and tear during his days working on his feet. As he looked for more work-friendly, durable shoes, he realized he couldn’t find a pair of shoes both functional and nice-looking. As a result, he created Snibbs, partnering with Dr. Snibbe, a renowned celebrity orthopedic surgeon, and Haik Zadoyan, a restaurant operator and friend of Shemtob.


Prioritizing sustainability and keeping an eco-friendlier future in mind, each pair of Snibbs shoes is composed of recycled and plant material. Snibbs features SNIBBS-TECH insole, a custom-formulated insole made in partnership with Ortholite. The insole gives wearers a supportive foundation to prevent fatigue and pain over time.



© Snibbs


Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, Snibbs comes in a variety of colors, from classic colors like white and black to more vibrant and unique ones like blue, black and pink and stormy gray. The Spacecloud Snibbs shoe is $135. Snibbs also sells compression socks, in both black and white, for $24, for wearers looking for more support beyond the foot.


Snibbs also recently announced its new partnership with Midori Biosolutions in order to create the first fully sustainable work sneakers. Incorporating Midori-Bio’s blend of organic compounds into the material batch during production, the new shoe will feature a midsole with a biodegradation period of just a few years versus the centuries it would take other shoes to biodegrade. Midori-Bio plans to help create the world’s first fully sustainable shoe by the end of 2022.


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