Teaching English in Asia

by Anne Flannery

Sep 4, 2018

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Ideally located where the ocean meets the mountains, and ancient dynastic history meets a modern urban lifestyle, is the dynamic destination of South Korea. We compiled a list of the top things to see and do to fully experience this beautiful East Asia gem.

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Teaching English abroad is a viable option if the expatriate life is something you want to experience for longer than a few weeks at a time. Teaching English is fairly easy to do, although it sounds pretty romantic. Do not be fooled, this requires a fair bit of work and patience.

There are different types of positions to hold and some do not require previous teaching experience. Others are proper teaching jobs which benefit from a certain comfort level in front of a classroom. If Asia is the continent of your choice, you are in luck; these hold some of the best paid and well-developed teaching positions for English speakers.

China, Korea and Thailand routinely advertise for instructors. GoAbroad (GoAbroad.com) is a great resource for looking up individual programs. Japan has JET (https://jetprogramusa.org/), or Japan Exchange and Teaching program. This program is selective and provides good benefits in addition to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in Japan.

For any of these positions, gaining the appropriate TEFL certification is only an asset, although it is not usually required. If you are looking to teach in areas more remote than these, you may want to check out the Peace Corps for interesting opportunities.



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