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The GSI Commuter Outdoors JavaPress

by Eugenia Lazaris

Oct 14, 2019

coffee © HongChan001 | Dreamstime

Products / Food/Drink

No matter where you are when the coffee craving hits, it’s a need you’ve got to fill. The Commuter JavaPress from GSI Outdoors lets you make a hot cup of French Press coffee anywhere, anytime. It’s the ideal tool to take along on a camping trip and works equally well at home or in the office when you want a quality cup of Joe without heading out to find a coffee shop.


The unique design of the JavaPress is easy to use. To brew the perfect cup of coffee, simply twist off the inner carafe, add your coffee and hot water and twist the carafe back on. Let it sit for about four minutes to brew before gently pressing down on the plunger. When you’re all done, just add your cream and sugar to taste and sit back to relax.


The container is surrounded by a foam sleeve that provides a double layer of insulation to keep the contents hot and the sleeve is wrapped in a colorful cloth of nylon and polyester to give it a comfortable, no-slip grip for your hand. It’s also fitted with a non-slip foot so it stays put wherever you set it down. Empty, the JavaPress weighs less than one pound so it carries easily without weighing down your pack and it fits easily into most car drink holders.


The Commuter JavaPress retails for $22.95 here and is available in five color choices — graphite, red, orange, blue and green.



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