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Tips for Booking a Private Tour Abroad

by Allie Moore

Aug 21, 2019

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Catch a show at the Princess of Wales Theatre, the first privately owned Canadian theater to open since 1907. The grand 2,000-seat playhouse combines the traditional elegance of 19th-century theater with a modern stage and production technology, as well as a distinctive artwork collection throughout the theater and a top-rate lineup of shows.

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The novice traveler visiting a foreign country for the first time may face apprehension in knowing where to start in terms of planning, and even a seasoned traveler may find himself lost among the blogs and travel sites that recommend what to see and do. Booking a private tour can be one of the best ways to see the highlights without having to worry about the logistics. When researching such tours in foreign lands, here are a few tips to follow for the best experience.


Schedule the start of the tour shortly after you arrive. You may need some time to recoup after a long flight, but getting right into the swing of activity can actually help you combat jet lag. What’s more, if you’ve planned a few days of private time at the end of your trip, you can use your tour guide as a resource to help you decide where to go and what to see.


Opt for a smaller tour. Most private tours cost a pretty penny, so maximize your guide’s attention and information by booking a smaller tour with fewer people.


If the site doesn’t have reviews, head over to TripAdvisor. Some tour sites may not display reviews, which could be for a multitude of reasons. Do a separate search for the tour company on TripAdvisor to see what past tripgoers said.


Create a spreadsheet. When researching more than a few companies, it can get confusing to keep track of who you’ve talked to, what info you have, what info you’re waiting for, etc. Google Sheets or good old Excel can help you stay on top of your communication and make a better decision when it’s time to book.





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