Top New Year’s Resolutions 2017

by Jack Guy

Jan 6, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions © Sira Jantararungsan | Dreamstime

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Every year you’ll hear about people setting goals for the next, mainly involving improving themselves in some way. While there is nothing wrong with going to the gym or learning Spanish, here are some resolutions for travelers.


Reduce Your Impact on Local Wildlife

In 2016 the issue of animal cruelty driven by tourism started to receive the spotlight it deserves. From the Seaworld orcas to sedated tigers, the world woke up to the fact tourism encourages some horrific treatment of animals. Do your bit in 2017 by staying away from any attractions that exploit them.


Leave No Trace

Travel to wilderness areas can have a negative impact on the local environment due to a lack of infrastructure or inconsiderate behavior. The Leave No Trace movement appeals to travelers to leave every place they visit as they found it. This year, make a concerted effort to take all of your waste with you when hiking trails or visiting wilderness areas.


Offset Your Emissions

Travel is a wonderful thing for many reasons, but all of those flights contribute to climate change. Offset your carbon emissions by donating to TerraPass each time you fly. The organization allows you to work out your carbon footprint and invest in clean energy projects in order to offset it.


Invest in Local Businesses

It might be slightly harder if you want to book ahead, but try to make sure your money enters the economy of the country you are visiting. Too many foreign-owned travel firms employ foreign guides and stay in hotels owned by international companies, thus preventing your money from benefiting local people. Do your best to use local guides and enjoy local businesses on your next trips.



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