Turn Your Suitcase Into a Cup Holder

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 11, 2015

© GoodTugo | Flickr

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These days when we’re walking through the airport we just don’t have enough hands to hold all of our gear. We’ve got laptops, iPads, phones and probably a cup of coffee and a sandwich to eat while we try to race to the gate.
Well, one company is trying to help out with that a little. The Tugo Cup Holder is designed to free up one of your paws by adding a little extra space on your luggage for that cup of Starbucks.


2 © GoodTugo | Flickr

© GoodTugo | Flickr


The cup holder actually rests between the upright handles of your rolling luggage. You can simply place the cup of coffee, water, tea or whatever you have into the holder and speed through the terminal without worrying about spilling. The holder is designed to keep your cup level, so no bits of your pumpkin spice latte ever hit the floor.


Best of all, Tugo’s pliable and easily compacts to fit inside your luggage when you’re done with it. The holder is less of a traditional cup-shaped designed and mostly just the round top that’s tight enough to hold up your cup.


The downside is it only works on small- to medium-sized drinks, so that large macchiato is going to have to go. Oh well, it’ll add a little extra bulk in your wallet in the long run.



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