Under $100: Gibraltar

by Benjamin Kerns

Feb 23, 2018

Gibraltar © Daitoiumihai | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / Europe

The British colony of Gibraltar’s position as the gateway between Europe and Africa created quite the infusion of British, Spanish and Moroccan influence in one spot. This led to one incredibly eclectic city that remained a favorite among tourists for decades. Visiting here for less than $100 a day is difficult, but certainly doable.

A great breakfast is imperative to start a new day, so fill up at The Star Bar. Gibraltar’s oldest pub is said to have been around in Christopher Columbus’s day and its award-winning cooked breakfast (which includes black pudding) runs only $10.

The Rock is Gibraltar’s largest attraction and stopping in for a peak is a must. Unfortunately, lines are long and getting in and out is likely to take up your entire morning. Don’t fret, though, because there’s plenty to do once you arrive. Entrance to The Rock and the connected Upper Rock Nature Preserve is $25 for adults. Insid,e you’ll find the famous landmark along with St. Michael’s Cave, the Ape’s Den and the Moorish Castle.

By late afternoon you’ll be starved so head back into town and check out Sacarello’s. This popular café offers light, yet filling fare ranging from a smoked salmon sandwich to filet steak. A sandwich here will cost $10 while a larger meal might run closer to $20.

Once you’ve gotten your fill, make your way to the southernmost tip of Gibraltar to Europa Point. Here you’ll find the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim, one of the largest mosques outside of a Muslim country.

Next, if you have time left, a great way to end your exploration would be a stop at the Gibraltar Museum. The museum details the history of the region dating from prehistoric and Phoenician Gibraltar to the Great Siege (1779–83) and inside you’ll find 14th-century Islamic baths and a seventh-century Egyptian mummy.

Finally, treat yourself to a nice dinner at Gatsby’s. This chic restaurant is one of the oldest in Gibraltar and offers a wide array of English, French, Spanish and Indian dishes. A meal here will run you $30.


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