Under $100: Xilitla, Mexico

by Nia Scott

Feb 9, 2019

Akumal, Mexico © Alexander Shalamov | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / North America

Start the day right with breakfast at Cascada la Cebolla. Visitors recommend getting the omelets and choosing from one of the fresh juices. This won’t cost more than $10.


After breakfast, make your way to the Las Pozas. This sculpture park is the best reason to visit this city in Mexico. Created by an English poet named Edward James, he created a dreamy, surrealistic world. There are doors that open to nothing and stairs that lead to the sky. It looks disorganized but is a true work of art.


For a late lunch, grab a bite to eat at Querreque. This restaurant offers Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price. Enjoy the fresh food for around $25.


After lunch, visit the Embarcadero La Morena. It is home to the largest waterfall in Mexico and a true site to behold. The waterfall is called Tamul and is more than 300 feet tall. Visitors have to rent a boat and then follow the river path until they reach the waterfall. It’s a wonderful experience and definitely not something to be missed. They allow visitors to bring food and have a picnic near the waterfall. With a certified guide, visitors can rappel. On the way back, visitors can swim in the nearby cenote. Without a guide, the experience is only a few dollars for renting the boat. It can be more expensive with a company.


Start the evening with dinner at La Huastequita. This restaurant also serves Mexican cuisine. Many patrons compliment the enchiladas, chili and chilaquiles. This is restaurant is cheap and travelers will enjoy filling themselves with the delicious cuisine. Plan to spend around $10.



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