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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home During COVID-19

by Angelique Platas

Apr 17, 2020

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Trends / Sustainability

Celebrate Earth Day all day, month or year long with these easy conservation steps:


Turn the Faucet Off While Brushing Your Teeth
Honestly, you don’t need your faucet running nearly as often as you think you do. Yes, when washing hands and dishes to scrub and rinse, but while lathering up your face and hands for washing, preparing your toothbrush with toothpaste and while actually brushing your teeth — you do not need the water running.


Typically, we let the water run out of habit, forgetfulness or the comfort of the sound, but the majority of running water is actually wasted. The average person wastes three gallons of water a year just brushing their teeth — multiply that by person in each household, or just read the stats.


Go Part-Time Vegetarian
Few things are more detrimental to the environment than meat production, but it can be difficult to relearn what to eat, cook and shop for overnight. Try being a part-time vegetarian, cutting out meat products when you can, swapping out meat proteins for beans, meat replacements and whole grains. Check out some recipes here and plan a few vegetarian meals, or enlist the help of subscription services, vegetarian takeout and other plant-based options near you.


While easy and obvious, you’d be surprised to know many people don’t recycle. Collect your glass, plastic, aluminum and paper waste and do your best to recycle responsibly.


Swap out Plastics
Something we’ve all been trying to accomplish for years, swapping out plastics and single-use items for environmentally friendly products can be a gamechanger for the environment and your wallet.


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