Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket

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Arcteryx’s line of rain jackets is superior to almost anything else on the market. Yes, they command a higher price tag, but the investment is well worth it if you’re planning to do any serious activities in a rainy climate and don’t feel like carrying an umbrella.

The Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket is a waterproof, breathable, lightweight shell jacket intended to go over other clothing. It can easily be layered with warmer clothes in cold weather or thrown over a t-shirt in hot weather. The jacket has ample room for adding clothing underneath while still looking slim and stylish.

The jacket employs two different weights of GoreTex waterproof material to shield the wearer from moisture. GoreTex, the most respected name in waterproofing, is the best choice for this job.

The jacket specializes in durability, though waterproofing may wear out after many washes. It’s easy to reapply a waterproofing solution in the washing machine, but Arcteryx’s liberal return policy means you can get a free repair or a new garment for only the price of shipping for the lifetime of the product. Making an investment with Arcteryx is a great choice.

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