Bring Home That Vintage in a VinniBag

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The VinniBag is a specially created travel storage solution created to keep glass bottles and other fragile items safe during flying, hiking, boating and other travel that could put your breakables at risk.


The cylindrical chamber is created to perfectly hold a 750-milliliter bottle of wine, but can fit any other bottle or object that’s around four inches in diameter. All you have to do is flatten out the VinniBag, which looks similar to a deflated flotation device or a bath pillow, slide in your wine bottle or what-have-you, inflate it (which is easily done with a few blows or a handpump — no need to pull out the vacuum), flatten the bottom and roll until you can snap it closed to create a watertight seal. Then it’s ready to go!


You can throw the bag into your luggage before a flight, where it can withstand severe changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. It is recommended, however, you let the temperature of the bag normalize before you deflate it, to keep the handy tool at its strongest. The VinniBag will withstand all of the jostling, bumps and bruises that come with flying, protecting your goods from breakage, but also, in the case there’s any leakage, protecting everything else in your luggage from staining. The VinniBag is also recommended for boating, due to its floatable design.


While it may take a while for the bag to wear down, once it has, you can send it back to the manufacturer, Ellessco LLC, where they’ll recycle the Vinnibag and turn it into a garden hose.


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