Curology, A Dermatologist in Your Pocket

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Do you want dermatologist-level skincare without the hassle of going into the doctor’s office? This skincare company brings the dermatologist to you, or more specifically to your screen.

Curology cuts out the need to visit the doctor by allowing patients to fill out skincare quizzes online, upload photos and speak to a dermatologist via email. Your assigned dermatologist then comes up with a simple, three-ingredient skincare formula suited for your skin based on your specific needs.

Upload more photos to keep track of your progress and if your skincare needs change, simply chat with your dermatologist to adjust your formula. Each month you may choose when your new bottle ships out, depending on how fast you use up your formula.

Curology also provides a forum for its community to share progress and skin journeys, which you may choose to participate in. Have questions? Provided on the website are articles that address concerns such as moisturizers or sunscreens you should use, or tips to get rid of oily skin or a pesky zit. Any of your questions that aren’t covered can be resolved by a quick message to your skincare provider.

Start your first month for free (just pay for shipping), and receive a 90-day, money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your results.

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