dbrand Grip Phone Case

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Dbrand developed a reputation for the quality of its precision-cut skins for smartphones and laptops, but its latest foray into phone cases might just be its greatest creation yet. The Grip phone case is marketed as “the world’s grippiest phone case” and might permanently end the days of dropping your phone in the toilet.

The case is made of a carbon composite frame with reinforced D30 shock-absorbing technology so it can take a hit. Ultra-tactile buttons make usability simple, unlike some cases that force you to pound on them in order to turn on your phone. The design of the case doesn’t allow for large audio jacks, but dbrand worked around this problem by including a gold-plated headphone adapter with all cases.

As an added perk they also extruded the back lip on the case to keep the camera lens on your phone from coming into contact with any surface when you lay it down. The Grip is currently compatible with 21 major devices with plans to include more down the line. Of course, it’s completely compatible with dbrand’s extensive array of skins so you can feel free to mix and match.

The dbrand Grip reached its fundraising goals and is currently in the production stage, with first shipments expected to begin later this year. The retail price is projected to be $60 a case, well worth the price for the perfect phone case.

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