Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket

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Heated jackets have been a staple for outdoor athletes and adventure travelers for a few years now. The ability to stay warm in a frigid environment can help you make the most of what precious time you have in a new country by warding off uncomfortable frostbite and chills. Now, the Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket takes things even further by sensing the internal temperature around your body and adjusting accordingly.

Kinesix Sports designed a jacket that contains built-in thermal sensors that can detect changes in temperature, both in the jacket and within your body. It then increases or decreases the heat output depending on your needs. The thermal elements can be adjusted both individually and as a group through the accompanying app.

When set to manual, the jacket will maintain the temperature settings you choose or you can set it to automatic and allow it to sort the correct temps out on its own. The jacket can maintain a temperature of 104 degrees when set to manual, though that sounds a little intense outside of a sauna.

One well-designed quirk of the jacket is its ability to detect when the wearer is working out in a cooler environment. The sensors will automatically shut down the jacket’s attempt to warm up as the workout will already force your body temperature to increase on its own.

Kinesix reached its fundraising goal near the end of 2017 and expects to deliver the first jackets by March 2018 for a retail price of $559.

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