How to Fight the Winter Doldrums

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In sailing, the doldrums are a period of time when the wind leaves you. You fall into a weather pattern, usually around the equator in the Atlantic, where there is no wind and it can last for days. It is dangerous; if you cannot move, you are stranded. It is this feeling of being stranded that gives rise to the mood it describes. It represents despondency, depression and a general state of paralysis. How do you beat the doldrums? On the open water, you have few options but to wait it out and hope for the best. Luckily, land dwellers have a few more choices. There are the usual mood boosters like warm coffee, a hot toddy, fireplaces and long walks on a clear winter’s day.

There are also some more scientifically proven tactics you can take. These include getting enough rest and keeping your sleep cycles as undisturbed as possible. One reason for seasonal depression in the winter months is a disruption in light exposure. This can lead to a lack of sleep. You can fight this by taking some melatonin before bed. Another mode of relaxing is to start or accelerate your yoga routine. Doing a short, 10-minute session in the morning and at night can reduce anxiety in your body and mind before bed. It is important to stay active and keep socializing even though your intuition might be to burrow away at home. So the best way to fight the doldrums is to break your old patterns and keep moving.

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