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Under $100: Tromsø, Norway

May 9, 2018

Tromso Norway © Vichaya Kiatying-angsulee | Dreamstime.com


Tromsø, Norway, is a city located in northern Norway, famous for having some of the best locations to view the Northern Lights. Each year, millions of travelers journey to Norway hoping to see the Lights and enjoy the unique culture as well.

The most popular spot to grab breakfast or coffee is Risø mat & kaffebar. Locals and travelers both rave about its coffee. They love the taste, the smell and, most importantly, they love the foam designs. Check out the restaurant’s Instagram to see them for yourself.

Begin your day at the Polaria Arctic Experience Center and Aquarium. This facility is more than just an aquarium because the animals featured also teach visitors about Norway’s history and culture. For example, seals are important in Norway because they used to be a source of food for the people. The entrance fee is about $16. This will include seeing all the aquatic animals and several films about the animals and the Northern Lights.

Next, go to the Tromsø Cathedral, free to enter. It is a sight to behold because it is the only wooden cathedral in Norway. After your visit, grab a quick bite to eat at Emmas, located next to the cathedral. Stay downstairs (the meals upstairs are more expensive) and a meal won’t cost more than $30.

After eating, take a 20-minute walk to lake Prestvannet, where you will see a stunning view of the Northern Lights. No trip to Norway is complete without seeing the Northern Lights — it’s truly an unforgettable experience.


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