Best Travel Self-Care Products

by Katie Skrzek

Aug 31, 2019

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When you’re traveling, you may not want to sacrifice your regular self-care routine to conform to TSA-approved product sizes. Thankfully, many skincare brands offer popular products in travel-friendly sizes. Practice self-care on the road with items from these companies.


First Aid Beauty

This skincare line offers products for those with sensitive skin concerns. There are dozens of travel-sized products available, ranging from eye cream to intensive lip balm, to ensure you’ll be able to pamper yourself while in-flight.


Drunk Elephant 

Drunk Elephant features collections of products specially designed for taking on the road. Options include the out of office set or rise and glow duo. As a bonus, ordering the minis in kit form saves you money.



Indulge in Japanese beauty products in the air. The night recovery set is perfect for an overnight flight. Or, opt for the morning boost set so you arrive to your final destination revived and refreshed.



Sephora offers dozens of sheet mask options, perfect for hydrating your skin while in the dry cabin air. The personal care and cosmetics store offers varieties at every price point. You’ll find options as low as $5 and as high as $170.


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