Clubbing Capital: Tokyo

by Akhil Kalepu

Oct 28, 2015

Womb, Tokyo, Japan © Dat’ | Flickr

Spring Break

From underground venues to multi-story super clubs, Tokyo has a club for every type of raver. Here are six of our favorite.



This unique venue was formerly a seedy club located in Kabikucho. Liquidroom recently moved to the trendy Ebisu neighborhood, and reconstructed itself as a live music venue/lounge/gallery. Bands are regularly showcased at day events, but they still host the occasional late-night party.



Little brother to Vision, Air is a truly underground club, not just in its musical choice, but by the fact it is located underneath a high-end restaurant. While it looks calm at street level, there is a full-on rave going on under ground. If the main floor is too crazy for you, Air has a highly praised lounge and balcony overlooking the stage.




Dommune is the creation of Naohiro Ukawa, the Tokyo Renaissance man whose resume lists filmmaker, graphic designer, contemporary artist, video jockey and party promoter. If you’ve ever been to a Boiler Room event, you’ll like Dommune, for it’s a tiny venue that only fits around 50 people, yet it’s powered by a Funktion One rig. Artists ranging from SBTRKT to Derrick May have played here and the club live streams their performances.




Tokyo’s biggest club has four stages, several bars and chill-out areas, an outdoor swimming pool and even a sandy beach for the summertime. The superclub has a capacity of 5,000, and regularly features top international acts.



This small but passionate club has high ceilings, a killer sound system and impressive visuals. Clubbers who enjoy a diverse range of music will appreciate Unit’s tasteful curation, which regularly books everyone from techno DJs to psychedelic rock bands. The third floor is Saloon, a bar that hosts the occasional music events, and the first floor is Unice, the club’s café and lounge.




Located in Shibuya, this four-story club is known for its technological superiority. The inside has a hypnotic, futuristic vibe and the sound team has been praised for their keen attention to detail. It’s been said they even tweak the sound system and equalization for every track, ensuring the best acoustic experience possible. This club features top acts from around the world, but its sound leans toward techno and drum n bass.



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