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COCO Bahamas Seaplanes Expands Service

by Katie Skrzek

May 20, 2022

© COCO Bahama Seaplanes


COCO Bahamas Seaplanes expands its offerings in the Bahamas. Visitors to the Bahamas can take advantage of an expanded fleet of state-of-the-art seaplanes and exciting experiences offered by the new Seaplane Safaris and Adventures.


The first Seaplane Safaris and Adventures excursion debuted the first week of May 2022. Choose from half- or full-day trips for experiences like swimming with pigs in Exuma and Spanish Wells. After your up-close experience with the pigs and marine life, enjoy locally prepared food and beverages on the beach.



© COCO Bahama Seaplanes


Additionally, COCO Bahama Seaplane partners with luxury resorts throughout the Bahamas to transport travelers directly to other experiences on the properties. Take a daytrip to Kamalame Cay Private Island Resortto experience the resort’s monthly wine-pairing luncheons. Atlantis Paradise Island also recently partnered with the airline.


“We know The Bahamas’ bounty of culture, art and our environment’s endless splendor exists among our sister islands. Why wouldn’t we want to share all of The Bahamas with our visitors? We are thrilled to offer access to even more of our beautiful country to our guests,” said Audrey Oswell, president and managing director, Atlantis Paradise Island.


Brian Hew, CEO, COCO Bahama Seaplanes, said the expansion “follows the company’s stated commitment to help support and expand the range of tourism offerings for visitors and to work aggressively with both independent and multinational hotels and resorts to spread tourism dollars to the Family Islands through day trips and excursions.”


Additional resort partnerships will debut throughout the year.


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