Diving and Snorkeling in Utila, Honduras

by Jack Guy

Jun 28, 2018

© Christopher Heil | Dreamstime.com


The Bay Islands of Honduras are an amazing Caribbean paradise. Utila is the smaller island, with a great reputation for diving and snorkeling.

In fact, Utila is one of the cheapest places in the world to get a scuba diving qualification, and the island teems with diving schools. You can get your open water certificate for around $250, far cheaper than in most other countries.

Sign up for a diving school and you’ll go and explore a selection of the many dive sites near the island. If you are lucky and in the area March–April or August–September, you might even be able to dive with whale sharks. The biggest fish in the sea are often seen in the waters off Utila during these times.

The diving is great, but there are also plenty of snorkeling spots, too. Whether you’re on a budget or just don’t like diving, you can still see some of the marine life by hiring a snorkel and a mask. You can swim off the beaches or go on boat trips to other spots.

As well as the marine activities, Utila has a reputation as a party spot. Let off some steam at one of the many bars, but remember to get some sleep before your dive the next day

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