Dress in Layers with a Dresstogo

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 4, 2015

© Owensmith | Dreamstime

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Instead of dragging luggage behind you at the airport, why not wear it? At least that’s the idea behind Jaktogo’s new product, the Dresstogo. Designed specifically with women in mind (though men can wear it too, we won’t judge), the Dresstogo is essentially an oversized jacket with numerous compartments in which to place your goods.


The dress has six volume pockets in total where you can attempt to stick as much clothes, makeup, toiletries and hand sanitizer as humanely possible. It balloons into a skirt-shaped design we imagine can get downright heavy when fully loaded, but it probably does a fantastic job of keeping you warm.


It also comes with two snazzy hand pockets, one devoted solely to holding documents and a giant back pocket for whatever strikes your fancy. It might be a great place for that airplane pillow. Jaktogo claims the product can comfortably hold up to 10 kilograms of items.


There’s no word on whether or not it’ll fly as a carry-on yet, but we’re guessing probably not. If you’ve got the back and leg muscles to handle it, this might be the perfect alternative for your next backpacking trip through southeast Asia.


The Dresstogo is a steal at €69.95 and is on sale now.



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