Ermitage du Lac

by Erich Martin

Mar 10, 2019

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The journey to arrive in Mont-Tremblant from Laval was a substantial one. More than an hour of driving through snow and frigid wind brought us to a hotel at the base of Tremblant. The façade and presentation is charming and grand, and a quick step inside the lobby tells you the aesthetic is not limited to the outside of the building.


We arrived in Tremblant relatively early in the morning. As a result, only a few of our party’s guestrooms were available. We left and took as much time as possible seeing Tremblant, having coffee in town and lunch. Even with all of this extra exploring, my room was not ready until it was nearly time for a several-hours long hike down the mountain. The wait could be attributed to our early arrival, but I can’t help but wish I had a little more time to explore my accommodations before heading out for a night of adventure. The front desk could not give me an exact time to expect my room, so it was a lucky check that helped me realize it was open before the night’s activity.


As it would turn out, the wait for the room was completely worth it. My suite-style accommodations included a full bathroom with a deep and accessible tub, a fireplace, a full sitting area, a half-kitchen and a great deal of space to stretch out and get work done. The room offers plenty of space to get comfortable while I recovering from intense winter activities.


On the decoration side of things, the hotel rooms are a joy to spend time in. A single maroon accent wall brings out the wooden furniture and provides a break for the eye. The room artwork is pleasing, while the fireplace and cabin-esque aesthetic made me feel like a traveler staying in a remote winter village.


The stylish living and sleeping quarters and sleek bathroom really helped ease the transition of moving between three different hotels in the course of five days. On my final night in Tremblant, I stretched out on the couch with a book to pass some time before bed without feeling cramped.


Ermitage du Lac has many amenities and services necessary for a ski resort. There are lockers, continental breakfast options to allow for early risers and a fitness room. In the warmer months, there is an outdoor pool, but there is a hot tub available all year-round. The hotel also features indoor parking, if you prefer; a game room; and limited meeting space, making the hotel a good bet for a small retreat.


What Ermitage du Lac does not have on its own, guests can find with a short venture into Mont-Tremblant village. There are many shopping and dining options, and the walk is shorter than five minutes. The village also has a convenient lift, bringing guests to more shops and the gondola, which goes to the top of the mountain for skiers and snowboarders.


Ermitage du Lac

150 Chemin du Curé Deslauriers,

Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1C9



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