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Exploring New York’s Bird and Waffle Eateries

by Matt Rimer

Dec 13, 2014

Chicken and Waffles © Joshua Resnick | Dreamstime

Food & Drink

In recent years, chicken and waffle restaurants have become all the rage among the concrete jungle of New York City. Originally a southern tradition, this comfort food dish has found new life in the north, primarily in boroughs like Brooklyn and Manhattan. There are dozens of bird and waffle eateries across the city and no two are the same — each has their own unique style and contemporary influence.


The Usual Suspects

The two-hour line outside Clinton Street Baking Co., might be worth the wait for this Lower East Side breakfast food staple. Their textbook bird and waffle dish is kicked up a notch with their hot honey-Tabasco sauce.

If you’re in Harlem, there is no better place than Amy Ruth’s. Here you can try their famous gravy-soaked dish, the “Reverend Al Sharpton.”

When you find yourself in Brooklyn, traditional chicken and waffles can be found at hipster diner Pies ‘N’ Thighs. Or try the Buttermilk Channel for a cheddar waffle with your chicken.


Modern Takes

Some of these restaurants are owned by world-renowned chefs, like Dale Talde’s aptly named Talde. This eatery brings an Asian flair to the dish with concepts like Korean wings and waffles.

Queen’s Comfort in Astoria provides a unique take on the traditional dish with deep fried chicken and waffle balls, and Williamsburg’s Sweet Chick offers a vegan option for those adverse to the idea of meat.


All Birds Are Welcome

At many of these eateries, chicken is not the only bird on the menu. Some opt for turkey or goose, while Shane Lyons’ Distilled substitutes pollo for a more upscale duck with their dishes.



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