Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Bar: Going to Prairie School

by Anne Flannery

Dec 14, 2017

Reykjavic © Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

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Themed bars can be tricky. They exist because drinks are not enough — people need to be drawn to a watering hole with a little (or a lot) of flair. However, cool can quickly become kitsch if you aren’t careful. There are no shortage of good theme bars, like the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, or any number of Zombie Apocalypse haunts, but more often than not we wonder, “What were they thinking?” as we enter one of these places. We won’t name names, but anything that incorporates beds into a bar scene is a problem.

That said, the new Frank Lloyd Wright-themed cocktail bar is a cut above the rest. Word of warning, the website for the aptly named Prairie School is unhelpful to say the least. You can do little more than locate the address (in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood) and make a reservation. Without a menu or a description it is hard to say why you would go, but go you should, at least once, if you enjoy Prairie-style architecture and a fancy drink. The ambiance of the bar is the big draw with its beautiful lines and comfortable chairs and booths. Even the ice cubes have beautiful arts and crafts lines embedded in the surfaces.

Quintessentially Midwestern with the balance of Japanese architecture that influenced Wright, this school of drink and design is exactly what an upscale theme bar should be. Enjoy any number of cocktails, like the Gin Blossom, Toronto Sour, or Falling Water, while snacking on a distinct selection of small plates like pickled vegetables and cheese curds. Rumor has it there will be a malört-inspired cocktail, which, for a Chicagoan, is a real pick-me-up.

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Dec 11, 2018

Seasonal Winter Beverages

Solomon Burke sings there is nothing sadder than a glass of wine alone, which is why two glasses are always recommended. It is cold outside and so the season to burrow and get cozy by the fire has begun. With all this talk of wine, you might think only the finest bottle can be enjoyed, but rest assured even when your bottle of red has been open for two days, this is the season for salvaging joy. Pour that slightly off bottle into a pot, add a little brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and half an orange. Heat it up to a simmer for 10 minutes or so and then strain into mugs. You will have yourself some tasty mulled wine in no time.

ATL Skypointe

Beyond being a major hub in the global transportation network, Hartsfield-Jackson is also proud to be a major hub for exciting, high-quality retail options through our award-winning concessions program, ATL Skypointe.

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Dec 11, 2018

Sparq’s Vitamin Air

Trying to kick that awful cigarette habit but don’t want to give up smoking entirely? Check out Sparq’s Vitamin Air. This nifty little device provides a healthier alternative to traditional smoking options and vaping by replacing nicotine with vitamins, amino acids and botanicals. It removes the harmful chemicals involved in smoking and is easy to take with you on the go.

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Dec 11, 2018

Himalayan Salt Cutting Boards and Lamps

Light pink and in all types of forms, Himalayan salt has taken the consumer market by storm with its alleged healing powers. Similar to regular table salt, the pink salt contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride with the remaining 2 percent consisting of calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals give the substance its pinkish hue, is healthier than regular salt and also has a slight difference in taste. Himalayan salt can detoxify the body by balancing pH levels, reducing muscle cramps, balancing blood sugar levels and improving hydration with its trace mineral properties.

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Kayaking in Patagonia

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