Get Around Philly With Indego Bike Share

by Monique Barrett

Jun 17, 2015

© Franklin Smith | Flickr


Pedaling its way into Philadelphia is the city’s new bike share program, Indego, making travel around the vibrant neighborhoods in the City of Brotherly Love convenient and fun.


Hundreds of blue and white bikes are located at solar powered-stations throughout the city, allowing both locals and tourists to pick up a bike at one location, like in South Philly after visiting Pat’s and Geno’s, and drop it off in another, like in Fairmount before exploring the Art Museum.


Useful bike features include a basket, perfect for water bottles, notepads and even cheesesteaks; three gears; lights and reflectors for late-night riding; front and rear hand brakes; sturdy, puncture-resistant tires; an easily adjustable seat; and splash and chain guards for dry, clean rides.



Before hopping on a bike, users must purchase a pass to the system by the month or by the trip. Options include Indego30 and IndegoFlex memberships, ideal for residents and visitors who are frequent riders, providing each member with their own unique key fob to unlock Indego bikes. After purchasing a membership, riders can walk up to any bike they want, press the button on the dock and hold the key to the reader to rent the bike. Riders not interested in a membership can simply use their credit card at any station kiosk.


Indego30 memberships cost $15 for 30 days, including unlimited free trips up to one hour and $4 trips per hour after the first hour, while IndegoFlex memberships cost $10 annually, including $4 trips for up to one hour and $4 trips after the first hour. The walk-up option costs $4 per 30-minute trip.


Get a bike, go for a ride and give it back with Indego.


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