The Most Haunted City in America

by Anne Flannery

Oct 23, 2017

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As the end of October approaches, people tend to start thinking about a variety of Halloween-related concerns: costumes, candy, pumpkin carving and the list goes on. The question of which city is America’s most haunted, however, does not always cross people’s minds. A quick internet search will show it is on somebody’s radar, and why not? Many cities claim the title, but which one actually is “the most haunted city in America”? Ask the person sitting next to you and they will have an answer: New Orleans! Chicago! New York! Seattle! The leading contender online, oddly enough, is Savannah, Ga., a pretty small city for so much haunting.

Joking aside, this question — and the haunted tours that inevitably follow — are unexpectedly enjoyable ways to get to know a new city. Sure, there are the gruesome tours or those a little technical with regard to paranormal equipment, but a good haunted tour will reveal something, maybe even a lot, about the city in which you stand.

Historical themes emerge and they are unique to every city. On Philadelphia’s tour you will learn about the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged the city in the 1790s; Chicago’s will remind you the mafia crime syndicates affected real people and ravaged the city in the early 20th century; while Tampa, Fla.’s tour reminds you of its rich history of immigrants and the quality of women’s rights in the cigar trade.

So pick a haunted tour and judge for yourself, but remember, even though there is something to learn, you should be careful out there.


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