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LGBTQ+: Kyoto, Japan

by Benjamin Kerns

Jan 28, 2020

Kyoto, Japan © Luciano Mortula | Dreamstime.com


Gay travelers are highly unlikely to experience discrimination Though the conservative nation does not celebrate the community either. However, you’ll find Kyoto is a wonderful and warm place for LGBTQ+ travel.


There are few exclusively gay establishments in the city, but they do exist. Apple is arguably the most popular. The foreigner-friendly bar serves up wine and spirits, and even offers karaoke throughout the week. There’s also Jam Jar Lounge for those who enjoy a good espresso and a quiet place to mingle with friends.


As the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto has numerous attractions to keep you busy. Old Town is littered with temples, geishas, and plenty of restaurants serving delicious, authentic food. There are actually around 2,000 temples within the city limits, many with breathtaking gardens to discover. The Sagano Bamboo Forest in the Arashiyama district is also a must, as is the Kyoto Tower. You’ll also want to swing by Guenpin Fugu, the No. 1 place for pufferfish in all of Japan.


While Kyoto might not have a thriving LGBTQ+ community to explore, it certainly boasts tons of attractions that make it worth a visit. Visitors will find the city welcoming, though not particularly kind to public displays of affection of any kind.



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