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New Type of Bachelorette Party Amenity at W Fort Lauderdale

by Holly Riddle

Jun 15, 2020

© Giovanni Gagliardi | Dreamstime.com


Tired of the same old destination bachelorette party? A new bachelorette offering at W Fort Lauderdale brings your party up to par.


W Fort Lauderdale is now offering its Bach Delivery Cart exclusively for bachelorette party groups. Ladies can book the amenity with the property’s W Insider when making their group reservation, so that this fun amenity is ready and waiting upon the group’s arrival.


Each day of a group’s stay (over three days), the Bach Delivery Cart arrives at a scheduled time, with something new and exciting every day.


On the first day, travelers can expect a few fun and stylish options that help bachelorette parties create more memories, as they snap away photos with some fun props. The first delivery includes some fluffy pillows and confetti, perfect for adding to any Instagram pics.


On the second day, the Bach Delivery Cart is outfitted with some sweet treats and a little fuel to get everyone prepped to go out on the town. As they get ready for the evening, they’ll enjoy some bubbly and tons of candy, from gum balls and Blow Pops to Pixie Stix and M&M’s. Of course, the bride has to don her Ring Pop.


On the third day, the Bach Delivery Cart includes everything one might need to recover from the last night’s adventures. The “retox” cart offers green juice shots on ice, made with ginger, kale, spinach, apple, celery and carrots. It’s just the thing to wipe away a hangover. And if that’s not enough, the bar will also have some quick remedies on hand, including Tums, Alka Seltzer and aspirin.


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