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by Holly Riddle

Dec 29, 2018

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O.M.E. Gear just launched its latest product, The Wanderr. A family-owned business, O.M.E. Gear began in 1996, when two parents had the idea for a convertible chair/cart while lugging things around the beach for their family. More than 20 years later, the kids of the family brought their parents’ dream to life.


The Wanderr is a 4-in-1 cart that converts from a cart into three different chairs. Choose between a low-to-the-ground chair, a fully reclinable lounger and a field chair or high camping chair.


The Wanderr is a good pick to take camping, to the beach or to festivals or sporting events. As a cart, it can carry up to 150 pounds of supplies (think your backpacks, coolers, sporting equipment and more) and comes with an oversized bungee net with clips to ensure nothing falls off the cart while you’re on the go. The aluminum frame is both weather- and salt water-resistant. The large, 10-inch, all-terrain tires can convert into beach wheels for easier transport across the sand.


When you convert the cart into a chair, you’ll find it has dual cupholders, a seating capacity of 250 pounds, a breathable mesh fabric and armrests that are UV- and corrosion-tested.


If you back The Wanderr on Kickstarter, you can receive the 4-in-1 Wanderr for $199. You can also upgrade to receive The Wanderr, plus a Sidekick, the O.M.E. Gear prior product that loses the cart functionality of The Wanderr and instead is a 3-in-1 transformable chair, all for $378. There’s also a “party pack” of Wanderrs and Sidekicks you can purchase that comes with 10 chairs total for $1,850.


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