PackTidy: An Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

by Nia Scott

Apr 19, 2018

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Not every trip is for pleasure. Some travelers make business-related journeys and need to keep appropriate attire on hand, while some just want to have a shirt and tie for just-in-case situations. Clothes get wrinkled or dirty and, although there are usually amenities for cleaning and drying clothing, this is not always guaranteed.

The best option for keeping clothes fresh and ready to go is PackTidy. PackTidy is a shirt and tie travel luggage organizer. The case keeps your shirt and tie in perfect condition while traveling or commuting. It is designed to fit in backpacks and carry-on luggage.

It is a perfect addition for any traveler or commuter that needs to keep clothes tidy and sharp. Commuters that want to dress comfortably and then change in the office will love this product. The case includes a folding board with directions on how to fold clothing to make sure it stays crease-free in transit. There is only enough room for one shirt so buy extras if needed. The case itself is $24.99 on Amazon and available in three different colors.


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