Pacum Handheld Vacuum

by Benjamin Kerns

Jun 11, 2019

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The Pacum Handheld Vacuum is possibly the most powerful, multifunctional vacuum on Earth. The tiny device is capable of compressing your clothes and other travel accessories four times faster than average.


Designed with speed and space in mind, the Pacum can compress items 25 percent more than the leading Dyson. It takes just more than one minute for the handheld vacuum to do its job, leaving you with extra time to relax. At roughly half the size of an iPhone X, it’s also small enough to fit in your pocket or the outer compartment of your luggage.


The Pacum is automatic and easy to use. Panel lights on the front indicate the setting, which can switch between two different pump modes. Once your bags are compressed, the vacuum will automatically stop sucking out air. Not only does it suck out air, it also pumps it in. That means you can use it to help inflate items like small rafts and soccer balls.


To help you save money, Pacum comes with an adaptor that allows it to work with any compression bags you might already have. Of course, it comes with its own bag, too. The vacuum charges with a portable power bank and wall charger, and also comes with a bonus perk of three inflatable accessories just for fun.


Shipping is set to begin in June with the standard Pacum pack retailing for $60. Check out the website for more information and ways to order.



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