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Patagonia Provisions Snacks

by Megan Hill

Aug 7, 2017

Jerky © HandmadePictures | Dreamstime

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Patagonia Provisions, the food arm of the respected gear maker, runs with the tagline “Rethinking Our Food Chain.” In that vein, the company created a collection of consumables that center around ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing.

The options run the gamut from breakfast foods like hot cereals, buffalo jerky, soups, fruit, almond bars, wild pink salmon and even beer. Each item carefully considers the health of the planet in its sourcing, and constructs a healthy meal or snack in the process. There are also gift box options in addition to single-item purchases.

The buffalo jerky, made from free-range American bison, is flavorful and healthful, with light seasoning that allows the meat’s natural flavor to shine. The snack is highly portable, and naturally packed with protein, so it’s the perfect item to take on the go.

The fruit and nut bars are dense and delicious, with minimalistic ingredients that are easily recognizable, rather than created in a lab: organic fruit, roasted almonds, fruit juice, chia seeds and baobab.

And the salmon, wild caught and sold in four-ounce packages, is pre-cooked and ready to eat, again making it the ideal travel food. It’s flavored with black pepper or lemon, and is shelf stable until opened.

Patagonia Provisions details the origins and ingredients of each product on its website, so you can be sure the providence is ethical and environmentally sound.


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