Pro Carry-On Packing Tips

by Allie Moore

Feb 24, 2018

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Tips / Travel

Novice travelers may consider the act of packing akin to tossing necessary items into a backpack and calling it a day. But in order to maximize space, quantity and necessity of a carry-on bag, there are a few carry-on packing tricks to keep in mind that newer travelers can learned from seasoned travelers.

Consolidate liquids. Even the most inexperienced traveler knows liquids are limited on flights. Travelers should adjust accordingly by buying small, clear travel bottles and filling them with lotion, creams, hand sanitizer and other hydrating materials to keep skin moist and fresh in the dehydrating environment of an airplane.

Compartmentalize. Categorizing items into separate sachets or bags makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re hunched over in your airplane seat, digging for your favorite pair of headphones or your coveted lip balm.

Prepare for downtime. Depending on the length of the flight, be sure to pack methods to help you pass the time. Rather than cramming books into your pack, opt for audio books, podcasts and a few downloadable mobile games to take up less space.

Defend yourself … against ambient noise. Toss in earplugs, an eye mask or noise-cancelling headphones to mount a defense against the sounds of crying babies, snoring seatmates and the hum of the plane engine.

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