Slovenia: Under the Tourism Radar

by Eugenia Lazaris

Sep 20, 2019

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Nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps in a scenic valley is the charming and mysterious region of Bohinj in Slovenia, home to the biggest lake in the country, 24 quaint villages, beautiful bridges and chapels and a rich cultural heritage.

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While popular destinations around the world are reeling from the effects of overtourism and trying desperately to find solutions, plenty of great destinations that have historically slipped under the radar are gaining ground. These places are great for curious travelers looking to discover new and exciting things.

Slovenia is one such destination. This small Balkan nation nestled between Croatia, Italy and Austria is proving it is more than deserving of the attention it is starting to get from the tourism world.

The country has everything a curious traveler could ask for — stunning natural landscapes, beautiful wildlife, a rich culture and a fascinating history. The country’s diverse geography (it has everything from mountain ranges to coastline with plenty of rolling green pastures and pristine lakes in between) makes it an ideal destination for travelers year-round as there is always something to see or do.

Some amazing sites to see in Slovenia include the Postojna and Skocjan Caves, the Vintnar Gorge and Lake Bled, with the notable Bled Island (with its picturesque Baroque church) situated in the middle.

Cities to visit include the small capital of Ljubljana, the historic town of Ptuj, and the medieval seaside town of Piran. All of Slovenia’s cities and villages are full of historical significance and beautiful architecture. There are incredible castles to visit, historical monuments and great food to be had. The Slovenian people are warm, hospitable and eager to share their culture with the world.

While the country is quickly gaining speed as a tourist destination, its humble beginnings keep it affordable to visit.





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