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Surviving the Rainy Season in the Pacific Northwest

by Megan Hill

Dec 19, 2014

© Rtsubin | Dreamstime


In the drizzly Pacific Northwest, the rainy season lasts from October to June — in a good year. When the sun shines, this can be a stunning region to visit, with its glacier-capped volcanoes and glittering waterways, but for most of the year, clouds hang low in the sky and sunshine is hard to come by.

To make the most of life despite the perpetual drizzle, consider these tips:


Get some great rain gear.

High-quality rain jackets, waterproof or water-resistant shoes and tall, wool socks help tremendously. Most people eschew umbrellas, which just get in the way on busy sidewalks, and opt instead for a really nice rain jacket. Wool layers help keep the damp cold at bay, and tall socks keep your calves dry when your pant legs get wet.


Vitamin D, which comes in tablet form.

Taking the vitamin has a surprising range of benefits, including fighting disease and infection, and it may even ward off depression. Your general practitioner can order a simple blood test to see if you’re deficient and can recommend a daily dosage.


Indoor hobbies — and lots of socializing.

Take up crafting, find indoor sports leagues (like soccer, tennis and rock climbing), and make friends who enjoy visiting bars, going out to eat, hosting movie nights, etc. If you keep busy, you won’t care that it’s raining.


Don’t let the cold rain get you down; just pretend it’s not there.

In fact, don’t even check the forecast. If you get fixated on the endless row of cloudy days with 60 percent chance of rain ahead of you, you’ll likely get depressed. Instead, ignore the forecast and be pleasantly surprised when the sun comes out.


Travel to warm, sunny places.

Come spring, and despite your best efforts, you may just be craving some warm sunshine. Head to Hawaii or Mexico, where you can soak up the rays and take a break from the gloom.



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