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The Dojo App: Discovering London

by Jack Guy

Apr 2, 2015

The Covent Garden Carousel along Floral Street, London, United Kingdom © Francocogoli | Dreamstime

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Whenever you visit a foreign city, especially one as large and overwhelming as London, one of the best ways to get off the tourist trail is by meeting up with a local friend. For those of you that do not have that luxury, Dojo is an app which lets you discover the “hidden gems” of England’s capital.


The app targets 18–35-year-old Londoners who are looking for something different to do in their spare time, presenting them with a highly curated selection of pop-ups, exhibitions, club nights and eateries. While travelers are not the founders’ primary concern, Dojo is a great tool for seeing parts of London that aren’t mentioned in your average travel guide.


Suggestions are made based on the time of day, weather conditions and your personal preferences, which the app adapts to with use. If you’ve ever wondered where young Londoners go when they want to find something new to eat, drink or see, Dojo will let you in on the secret.


It’s easy to get stuck in the typical tourist hangouts when you visit a metropolis as large as London, and sometimes travelers leave town without feeling like they have seen life as the locals live it. Dojo can help to change that, and with a planned expansion expected for Paris and Istanbul, anyone planning a trip to Europe will be able to gain an insight into the social lives of young people in those locations.


The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms from the company website.



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