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The Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

by Eugenia Lazaris

Dec 13, 2019

© Jasper Lee | Flickr


When you are hiking, camping or traveling, bag space is a hot commodity. Making sure you bring all the necessities without making your bag too bulky or heavy to carry can be a challenge. Matador helps you solve this problem with its innovative products like the Mini Pocket Blanket.


Not meant as a sleeping blanket, it’s neither heavy enough nor big enough, the Mini Pocket Blanket is the perfect travel accessory for when you need a hiking break to enjoy a picnic lunch, keep the sand away while you watch the waves at the beach or to catch a sunset just about anywhere.


Packed away in its carrying pouch, this blanket will fit in the palm of your hand and can be slipped easily into almost any pocket. Unfolded to its full size of 44 inches by 28 inches, the blanket is big enough to fit one adult comfortably and two if you want to get cozy. It comes in one color, gray with red trim, and has a convenient loop on the carrying pouch so you can attach it to your bag or belt with a carabiner.


Oftentimes with products that pack away to a miniature size, once you open it you can never get it back into its container. Matador fixes this with easy-to-follow instructions so once you’ve used the blanket, you can stick it back in your pocket until you need it again.


The Mini Pocket Blanket is available here for $19.99.


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