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Speed Through Airport Security with These Handy Tips

by Katie Skrzek

Mar 8, 2020

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Tips / Safety

Whether you’re departing or returning home, waiting in a long security line isn’t a fun way to pass time. While going through security screening is an important safety measure for all travelers, there are several tricks that will get you through a little quicker.


Enroll in Global Entry

Plan ahead and enroll in Global Entry, which expedites the customs and immigration process. The application fee costs $100 and includes TSA PreCheck, which normally costs $85 on its own and speeds up security. Membership is good for five years. With PreCheck you won’t need to remove your shoes, laptop, belt or approved liquids at the dedicated security line.


Use Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport allows you to submit your passport and custom information within the app to save even more time while traveling. The free app, authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, doesn’t require a background check or in-person interview. The app isn’t accepted at all U.S. airports, so check availability before you travel.


Pack and Dress Appropriately

Whether or not you have TSA PreCheck, make sure you don’t pack anything in your bag that will be flagged at security. Accidentally packing items like scissors or a corkscrew can hold you up and require additional screening. Don’t wear excessive jewelry. Empty your pockets and avoid wearing anything difficult to remove.


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