Top 5: Beaches in Southwest England

by Jack Guy

Jun 9, 2019

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Heading off to the southwest of England is a great chance to experience some of the country’s best coastline. Here are some of the top beaches in the area.



Right down at the tip of Cornwall next to Land’s End, this wide beach is a fantastic place to look over the area’s most famous tourist attraction. You can only reach this beach at low tide, so plan your day carefully, but if you do it right you can enjoy an unspoiled day out.


Soar Mill Cove

Sat underneath Bolt Head, with its impressive crags, this stretch of golden sand is certainly an atmospheric spot. You can walk here as part of a coastal hike around south Devon or just drop in for the day.


Lizard Point

Another top spot in south Devon, this point is home to several spectacular beaches. Try Kynance Cove, Housel Cove and Penreath Beach over the course of the day, hiking between them.


Woody Bay

In north Devon you will find some of the highest cliffs in the country, particularly east of Lymouth where Woody Bay is situated. The beaches are wonderful and the scenery will take your breath away.


Fox Cove

Another north Devon spot, Fox Cove is a beautiful inlet only accessible at high tide. On quiet days you could be the only humans there.


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