Top 5: Ways to Celebrate Hygge this Winter

by Anne Flannery

Dec 14, 2017

fire © MNStudio | Dreamstime

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Hygge is a Nordic tradition that emphasizes a moment or a feeling. It is not a style, but a state of mind. The word is from Danish and can be translated into English as coziness, comfort or fun.

It exists elsewhere in Germanic lands in various forms. For instance, the Austrians celebrate gemütlichkeit, which literally means coziness as a way of life. But every culture and every person has a different understanding of what this way of life can be. For now we will focus on the Nordic understanding we are called not just to make life a little better, but deeply comfortable. Since Hygge puts 100 percent of its emphasis on community, warmth and togetherness, it would make sense your celebration of it should incorporate all three. The top five ways to celebrate Hygge are completely up to your discretion, so these are simply friendly suggestions.


Fire is an essential part of Hygge. Whether in the form of candles or a raging fire in the fireplace, this element connects people deeply to the earth and each other. So find a tea light, a fireplace or a trash can and make some magic.

Culinary Delights

Some sort of culinary delight is on point. This does not have to be fancy or involve alcohol. If you love Oreos, eat some (by the fire) and if you like mulled wine, make some. A small, edible comfort is all that is called for.


Bring some friends together for board games or a movie and just enjoy each other’s company.

Read a Book

Read a book. Not only is it a great escape from life’s stresses, it is also considered literary therapy in some parts.

Cook Dinner

Cook dinner for your family. If you do this often already, then have them help. The core of Hygge is to reorient your life toward what is comforting and tangible.

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