Travel Gifts That Only Look Expensive

by Holly Riddle

Dec 29, 2017

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Don’t feel like you need to break the bank to give your traveling friends something awesome this year. Try these affordable options sure to please any wanderlust-inspired jetsetter!

For the friend who always needs a reminder to stay hydrated mid-flight, go with a stylish MIRA Cascade water bottle, which you can get for $16 and up on the site or as low as $13 on Amazon if you catch a sale price. The line of products is super durable, and can keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12.

For the friend who keeps saying she’ll start travel journaling, but never actually does, go with a Ticket Stub Diary to make memory keeping easy without the pressure of writing endless paragraphs about a destination. At only $12, it’s a steal.

For the traveler who will never miss a good tourist attraction, anywhere, anytime, go with the 100 Places Scratch-Off Poster. A curated collection of bucket list-type places fill the poster with tiny squares of silver, until you start traveling and start scratching them off one by one, and it’s only $18.

With their glossy black and brushed gold finish, these noise-reducing headphones are impressive. At only $22, they’re also impressive for the price. Foldable, adjustable, with a built-in mic and soft cushioning, they’re perfect for long plane, train or car rides.

Another must-have for long flights? This contoured sleep mask with a matching carrying pouch. The $10 gift matches the shape of your face perfectly, adjusting as needed, to block out all the extra light, giving you a better in-flight sleep experience.

For your friend who always looks their best, even during travel, gift them with a passport case just as glamorous as they are. This leather case from Nordstrom comes in six colors and only sets you back $30.


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