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Wilderness Comfort from Thermo Tent

by Jack Guy

Jun 17, 2015

© Zhang534125 | Dreamstime

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Anyone who has been camping will be familiar with the fact that spending a night shivering inside your tent does not mean it will not become unbearably hot within a few minutes of sunrise. Thermo Tent claims to solve the issue using insulation.


Spikes in temperature are reduced thanks to the regulating effects of the insulation, which also provides the added benefit of blocking out unwanted noise from the campers around you. Since raising €50,891 during a Kickstarter campaign, founder Derek O’Sullivan officially opened the Thermo Tent online store May 22, where customers can choose between either the 350-pound. three-man tent or the 850-pound, six-man version.


THERMO TENT Kickstarter from Thermo Tents on Vimeo.


Their weight means the Thermo Tents are unlikely to be used by backpacking hikers, but their target market is different. As well as families and wilderness campers who travel by car, an insulated tent could be of real benefit to displaced people around the world, of whom there are currently a huge number. O’Sullivan claims to have a contract to supply Thermo Tents to two refugee camps, and he is hopeful the humanitarian aspect of the product will continue to grow.


O’Sullivan says, “Tents used to really annoy us. Too hot, too cold, too noisy. Not anymore.” He claims experts have given Thermo Tent their vote of confidence by planning to take them to environments as diverse as Everest Base Camp and the African jungle.


The six-man tent sells for €1,690 online, while the three-man version is available for €485.



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