Kamarg Backpack

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Imagine yourself hiking up the Alps with a backpack full of gear. What does it weigh? Fifty pounds? More? You might be asking yourself if you really need all of this as you struggle to wend your way up that mountain. You are doing this while trying to enjoy the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you, but maybe you just wish you were already at the cozy hut you rented two mountains away. No one is blaming you for these thoughts, they are perfectly normal, but this is not how an Austrian goes hiking.

It is astounding to see an Austrian go out for a hike with a small pack and not a care in the world. It is not that they are underprepared, it is just that they know exactly what they need and they have the gear to prove it. The Kamarg Backpack has been around since 1949, but has not been in production since the early 90s. This year, 2017, was the first opportunity to buy one of these packs in 25 years. Of course, these are not meant for long-haul camping trips, but for a day of hiking, they are ideal. They are also perfect for everyday use. These are simple packs made from the highest quality leather and sail cloth, not to mention the company’s attention to sustainable business practices, labor protections and environmentally friendly materials. If you are looking for a classic pack that will hold up over time and can even be repaired, the Kamarg backpack is a worthy investment.

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