Noom: The Self-Proclaimed Millennial Diet

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Ads on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have come in hot and heavy lately. One in particular (on my feed at least) has been Noom Inc., claiming to be the new weight loss for millennials. Being a millennial, I checked around to see what exactly it is.

The company began in 2008 and seems to have rebranded since its conception. Noom offers 16-week programs for individuals looking to develop healthy habits and lifestyle changes — not a diet. Noom reports 78 percent of users sustained weight-loss results and continued healthy lifestyles.

The site begins by briefly explaining the concept and encourages new users to complete a survey, which Noom staff will use to determine a customized plan with the help of nutritional guidance, support and wellness experts. Once you complete the survey, you’ll be teamed up with a personal goal specialist assigned to your health and wellness.

Much like Weight Watchers and other competing wellness solutions, Noom is a pay-for-play service and works to change the way users think about food, well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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