Sitpack Zen X

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Sitpack Zen is touted as the world’s most compact portable chair. Its sleek, one-legged design allows it to slip easily into a backpack, making it the perfect choice for travelers. Not only is it easy to carry, but the chair is specifically designed to improve your posture whether you use it to sit inside or out.

Made with carbon and alu tubes, along with a ballistic nylon seat, the chair is one of the most durable on the market and more than capable of holding up a large frame on just one leg. The Y-Shape design is aimed at providing the perfect ergonomic support and finds the right balance between standing and sitting. It’s great for both in the office and on the go. Since setup only takes seconds, you can feel confident taking it on the road.

The nylon seat of the Sitpack Zen is 15 inches wide and three inches front to back. The telescopic leg is adjustable to fit your height and can reach up to 38 inches, large enough for Kobe Bryant. The developers claim continued use of the chair promotes proper blood circulation and can improve your overall posture and back health over time. Whether that’s true or not, it’s still a wildly comfortable and effective means of sitting down while you’re on the road. You can whip it out in a crowded restaurant or while fishing by a pond.

The Sitpack Zen currently retails online for $100 with first shipments expected to begin in June. Check out the website for more information on features and how to order.

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