The Casus Grill

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Grilling — it is a pastime almost anyone enjoys. Whether you like the results of the grill or the actual cooking of the food is debatable, but there are few complaints about an afternoon spent around the grill with friends. Getting a grill to an enjoyable and scenic location is one. Not to mention the carcinogens involved in charcoal grills, good lord! But as usual, the Scandinavians solved these problems for us with the super compact and biodegradable Casus Grill.


Do you want to go to the lake? Camp out in a remote location? BBQ on your urban balcony? Well, you can do that now with plenty of heat to last you a solid hour of grilling, anything from veggies and fish to burgers and s’mores. What’s even better is once you light the grill it is hot enough within five minutes. This compact, single-use grill is composed of lined cardboard, lava stone and a bamboo grate. It comes in an efficient and compact brown paper package for easy transport.


It is also affordable. You can pick up one of these grills at your local ACE Hardware or online for around $15. When you are done with your grill, you can even dispose of the whole thing in a bonfire so there is no waste at all. Grilling just got even easier!


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