Track Your Treasure Down With an NFC Tag

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As more and more gadgets and trinkets fill our lives, here’s one more to help keep track of them all.


Microsoft’s Treasure Tag is a tiny location device that works by connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth or NFC. Physically, it is 1.2 square inches and .4 inches thick, with a rubberized loop to tie securely around something. The Treasure Tag comes in yellow, cyan, white and black, and pairs with Nokia’s app available on iOS, Windows and Android.



Users place the tag on whatever they need to track, like a keychain, and pair it to the app, which guides you through the whole process. Pairing can be done through Bluetooth or the more rare NFC chips, with up to four tags per device. Each tag can also get a customizable ring, uniquely identifying each device you’re looking for. In the opposite scenario, if you’ve lost your phone, pressing a button on the tag make the paired device ring/vibrate.


The tag has a range of 30–40 meters, and the app will send a notification saying you have gone out of range. While you can’t track or ring the tag while out of range, your app will automatically reconnect when you’re close by again. Learn more about the Treasure Tag at


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