Caffe Il Perugino, Perugia

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If you’re looking for a fun al fresco spot for an evening drink, this place is a great option.

Inside Il Perugino is dominated by a long bar at which faithful punters order drinks surrounded by football memorabilia, chatting away as frenzied staff struggle to keep up with the volume of orders. Outside, happy customers sit at a few tables or spill out over the road.

Il Perugino seems to be a real locals place, with a great community atmosphere. It’s only a stone’s throw from the main square of Perugia, but it feels like a village bar. The jovial owner delights in entertaining customers as he mixes drinks and prepares huge platters of antipasti, and you can feel the joy he takes from running such a place.

Red wine is the most popular drink among locals, with a smattering of beer and cocktails. The selection is good and the antipasti are tasty for when you get peckish. We had two glasses of wine and a meat platter for €13 ($11), a veritable bargain compared to what you would pay for the same thing in London or New York. Il Perugino comes highly recommended.

Caffe Il Perugino

Via Sant’Andrea, 9, 06122
Perugia PG, Italy
tel +39 392 551 8745
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