Cross Cultural Solutions in Ghana

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Visiting the African continent is a unique experience many people will never get to experience. Even fewer will be able to say they’ve not just visited, but also left a lasting impression on the citizens.


Cross Cultural Solutions offers the opportunity to do just that. They’re seeking volunteers to help foster social change in Ghana, an area desperately in need of help. Along the way you’ll experience a unique and vibrant culture and lay eyes on one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Education & Literacy Project

The Education & Literacy Project helps teach children in Ghana the basics of English, math, geography and science to help propel them forward in their education.


Child Development Project

Volunteers in the Child Development Project work one-on-one with families at the support centers in Ghana to cover a vast area of needs. You’ll help provide early childcare for working mothers, educational opportunities and more.


Support for People with Disabilities Project

Ghana has an unusually high rate of children with disabilities, both physical and cognitive. As a volunteer on this project you’ll help them learn valuable trades that will allow them to become self-sufficient and help their families prosper.


Global Health Project

Volunteers with the Global Health Project focus on healthcare and providing locals with their emotional and medical needs. You’ll educate them on proper nutrition, assist with health education and more. Volunteers also learn a great deal about the local culture including the history of traditional healers and witch doctors.


HIV/AIDS Project

Volunteers with the HIV/AIDS Project are tasked with providing information and resources to the community on HIV treatment and prevention.


Girls’ & Women’s Empowerment Project

Volunteers with this project help provide health education for women regarding reproductive and maternal health, as well as educate on topics like fiscal responsibility. You’ll help them build a budget and begin setting aside savings, or even start them on the road to becoming successful entrepreneurs.



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