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by Nia Scott

May 16, 2019

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Relaxation: When you’re in search of some quality rest and relaxation, there’s nowhere like the Caribbean. With hundreds of small private islands, sunshine, ocean breezes and natural sounds of the surf, serenity is easily attainable.

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People find comforting sounds enjoyable. The amount of people using playlists that include the sounds of nature or soft instrumentals as a way to relax is consistently increasing. Music has always been a great tool for helping people feel emotions deeper, whether it’s a calming effect or a song that hypes up a crowd; music is fantastic at making people feel. For travelers listening to playlists with comforting or familiar sounds helps them feel more comfortable in a foreign land. Some use music to help them fall asleep on a long train or plane ride.


Conventional playlists for background noise are usually either nature sounds or soft instrumentals. The Ambient Mixer app is a unique twist on these playlists. Some of the music on the app are the regular playlists found in any music app, but this app also offers sounds from movies and television shows. Users create playlists based on how they think a place or scene sounds. For example, some of the top-rated playlists are “The Gryffindor Common Room,” and “Neverland”. Both of the playlists were created by users who wanted to recreate the atmosphere of those places through sound.


The app is free, and playlists will continue through on a loop for hours. Users of the app love that music helps them focus, but also reminds them of different settings from favorite TV shows and movies. It’s almost like transporting people to those places through the use of music. There are hundreds of playlists on the Ambient Mixer app and it’s entertaining to go through a few of them and see how others imagined the sounds of different places.



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